Global strategies for engaging communities

Making any space a living place for communities: this is what CELS Group is all about.

In this digital era, we bring human connections to any destination — we make them Favourite Meeting Places.

We always start with why.

We understand each brand’s unique essence. We address their specific needs. We realise their full potential.

CELS Group’s reliable business units and global network open a universe of new opportunities, guiding clients every step of the way. Our work explores culture, technology, entertainment and art to create lasting experiences. We build deep relationships that foster a sense of belonging.

In everything we do, we share a common vision: making any venue areal, living place — a place to love.



In a digital era, we bring human connection to any destination.
Through our reliable business units, global network we open a universe. 
Creating the heart of communities and making them Favourite Meeting Places.


We strive to build deep relationships that foster a sense of belonging, making any venue a real, living place – a place to love.

Our History

CELS – Customer Engagement Loyalty Solutions is a European based company that originated from Italy and offers well-established professional solution with offices around the world in Milan, Dubai, Doha, Hamburg, Riyadh and London over 30+ professionals and a founder – Alessandro Gaffuri who has solid proven experience managing Shopping Malls & Community focal points.

CELS Group expresses a multidisciplinary approach through independent business units (CELS Events, AFKAR Lighting, HAMMOND Feel the Magic, Marketing & Co and VIAFONE Technologies) that work in a consistent way.

Our Team

Alessandro Gaffuri

Founder & CEO

Souffiane Houti

Founder & COO of VIAFONE Technologies

Luca Cappuccitti

Executive VP Strategic Partnerships & Corporate Affairs

Manuel Gallo

Group Business Director

Birna Mayra

Group Creative Director

Paul Hammond

General Manager (UAE) and Group Operations Director

Luc Lescault

Country Director (KSA & Bahrain)

Mahmoud Al Homsi

Product and Operations Manager

Chay Fauni

Account Manager

Jaisa Ebarle

Office Coordinator & CEO Personal Assistant

Ilaria Croce

Logistics Coordinator & HR

Madolyn Mindajao


Edison C. Timbas

3D Designer

Imane Ouaissa

General Manager (Qatar)

Rajesh Singh

Group General Counsel

Islam Elsheriff

Event Site Manager

Mae Munoz

Project Coordinator

Valeria Gaffuri

Junior Site Manager

Cristian Ciociola

General Manager (Italy)

Francesco Ciavorella

Communication & IT Manager (Italy)

Camilla Savio

Assistant (Italy)