CELS Group Celebrates 10 Years of Transforming Spaces into “Favourite Meeting Places”

Get ready to embark on a captivating journey through the extraordinary story of CELS Group as Alessandro Gaffuri, the driving force behind the company, shares his insights and experiences in an exclusive interview with Retail People magazine. This feature not only delves into the business aspects but also marks a significant milestone – the 10-year … Read more

CELS Group, ISRE join forces to strengthen market position in Europe and GCC region

CELS Group, a leading company, has announced its acquisition of 49% of ISRE (International Sourcing for Retail and Events). This move signifies CELS’ commitment to expanding its market presence and its strengthened partnership with ISRE, a company they have successfully collaborated with on various projects. The success both companies have achieved in markets like Qatar, … Read more

Future Retail Focus

Retail is a business domain that truly is in FLUX. The times of 20 year real estate contracts are over, which means the industry has to listen to the needs of not only the Retailers, but mainly the local customer scene and its local wants & needs. But is this also true in Doha? Do … Read more

CELS Group – Experiences Will Save Malls

Alessandro Gaffuri is a retail strategy specialist with international experience across Europe and the Middle East. Using the knowledge gained from working with shopping malls since 2004, he has continued to develop the Favourite Meeting Place concept initiated in 2007. Founding CELS Group in 2013, his vision is now being realised through CELS offices in … Read more

Future Retail Destinations

2 days to transform the future.  Future of Malls. Future of Retail. The Future of the Social Experience. When: 12 & 13 May 2022 Where: Sheraton Doha We introduce Future Retail Destinations: Qatar Forum 2022, a special platform produced by CELS Group to showcase and position Qatar as a high quality shopping and entertainment destination … Read more

C.E.L.S launches Doha Festival City’s SPEND & WIN campaign

CELS Platform & Doha Festival City Spend & Win Campaign recognised Internationally Not only was CELS Platform awarded Best Digital Integrated Campaign at Golden Feather Awards 2021, it was also awarded as ‘Best Multichannel Integrated Campaign for Festival City Raffle Draw’ Awards at the 2021 World Marketing Congress Awards and eventually titled ‘Best Shopping Destination … Read more

Lagoona Mall FIFA Arab Cup Campaign

One Year Football Campaign launched at Lagoona Mall, Qatar CELS Events delivered a wonderful kick off ceremony to kick start the football campaign at Lagoona Mall that will see football, seasonal and shopping related events and experiences throughout the next year! The launch event located in front of the homegrown Fifty one East brand was … Read more


CELS Group Sponsor of MAPIC Chairman’s Club We were busy at MAPIC Cannes Chairman’s Club – brought to you by CELS Group! Transforming spaces into Destinations is our core topic since 2011 and it’s gaining more interest than ever at this year’s MAPIC 2021 “People & Places”. If you want to make sure your mall … Read more

FRD Forum to position Qatar as shopping destination

Doha: Future Retail Destinations: Qatar Forum 2022 (FRD) is set to position the country as an inspirational and unique shopping and entertainment destination in the region. “For its premier debut, the time is just right to collaborate and share knowledge, as we leverage the global awareness and focus on Qatar through FIFA World Cup Qatar … Read more

CELS acquires top European festive decor firm

CELS Group, a top provider of solutions in events, décor and lighting, has acquired 100 per cent shares of First Christmas by Rosenau GmbH – one of Europe’s leading festive decoration company – along with its GCC branch, Retail Emotions. First Christmas was founded in Hamburg, Germany, and has over 20 years of experience in … Read more