FEWA unveils Chatbot to enhance its customer service offering in the UAE

Customised AI powered chatbot developed by VIAFONE Technologies provides seamless service 24/7 

  • Global chatbot market poised to surpass $994 million by 2024


VIAFONE Technologies, part of CELS Group, has launched a customised chatbot for the UAE’s Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA).

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the chatbot allows users easy and convenient access to their FEWA account based on registered mobile number or Emirates ID number and without the hassle of login in with username and password or 12-digit account number.

The bilingual chatbot (Arabic and English) fully supports various FEWA services, including bill inquiry, bill payment, payment history, electricity and water usage, activation and deactivation processes and FAQs, among other services.

Now available on Facebook Messenger and on the FEWA website (fewaonline.gov.ae), the innovative chatbot enhances the FEWA’s customer experience and allows the Authority to engage with its customers on their preferred communication channels and makes information more readily accessible to the customers while also substantially reducing the FEWA call centre’s load.

Able to handle any number of users 24/7, the customised chatbot developed by VIAFONE Technologies overall supports the FEWA in achieving its vision and mission of providing world-class electricity and water services to raise living standards and achieve sustainable growth across the UAE, while also rationalising the usage of electricity and water, to promote sustainable development.

With FEWA appointing VIAFONE Technologies to develop their dedicated chatbot based on cutting-edge AI technology, Souffiane Houti, Founder & Chief Operating Officer of VIAFONE Technologies, said: “We are privileged to be working closely with FEWA to create their customised chatbot. We believe this technology can support FEWA in being a pioneer in delivering a seamless customer experience.”

Chatbots’ growth has been prominent across a number of industries, to the point where 1.4 billion people worldwide now use them on a regular basis. The global chatbot market is set to surpass $994 million by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 27%.

While Gartner projects that chatbots are set to power 85% of all customer service interactions across the globe in 2020, data from Juniper Research also indicates that chatbots leveraged for customer service have a strong potential to reduce costs; with deployments realising annual savings of $439 million globally by 2023, up from just $7 million in 2019. 

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