At CELS Group,
we defy convention
crafting extraordinary MOMENTS that transcend the ordinary.
With UNEXPECTED brilliance,
Our INNOVATIVE approach
EVOKES boundless joy and awe,
weaving MEMORIES that transport us
and unique EXPERIENCES that last a lifetime.
leaving an indelible IMPACT on lives.

Making any space a living place for communities.

This is what CELS Group is all about.

In this digital era, we are building human connections to any destination.

We make them Favourite Meeting Places.

We always start with the WHY.

We understand the unique essence of brands, address their specific needs and maximise their full potential.

Customer Relationship & Loyalty Platforms

C.E.L.S excel in crafting compelling brand narratives that ignite curiosity and drive conversions to your brand. Our expertise lies in positioning, branding, formulating marketing strategies, and designing impactful customer journeys.

Unique Festivals, Events & Activations

A Boutique Event Design Agency, dedicated to curating memories and sharing extraordinary experiences through innovative international event concepts, live and lively stage activations, as well as corporate events and exhibitions.

Christmas Lighting and Decorations

A global leader in festive decoration and lighting for more than 24 years, turning shopping malls and public spaces into wondrous holiday wonderlands, creating enchanting and immersive Christmas experiences worldwide.

Seasonal Decorative & Themed Lighting

Retail Emotions creates festive magic with unique lighting, handcrafted decor, and immersive multimedia. Collaborating with malls, hotels, cultural hubs, and beyond, making celebrations unforgettable.

Live Experiences & Visionary Shows

ISRE is an entertainment architects and a global talent booking agency, dedicated to pioneering innovative show concepts. Our repertoire spans from classic fairy tales to custom-designed productions tailored to your mission and vision.



    Our story finds its roots in Turin, Italy. Here, Alessandro Gaffuri established For Events SRL, orchestrating live events loyalty programs and even venturing into the radio industry with GRU Radio. This Italian chapter saw collaborations with renowned artists and critical affiliations with ICSC and CNCC.



    2013 was a milestone. C.E.L.S marked its Middle Eastern debut in Dubai. Its primary objective? To revolutionize the shopping center industry in the GCC region, enhancing engagement, loyalty dynamics, and customer retention.



    Our business levels in Italy and UAE witnessed exponential growth, establishing a solid reputation by serving premier clients across Europe and the Middle East.



    Mid-2015, Dubai witnessed the launch of CELS Events LLC, mirroring our successful services in Italy but tailored for the Middle Eastern zeitgeist.



    Mid-2016 witnessed our strategic expansion into Doha with CELS Events LLC. Amidst the “Gulf Rift,” we diversified our reach, operating directly from this dynamic city.



    The subsequent year, we marked our venture into the tech realm. We acquired a 50% stake in VIAFONE Technologies, amplifying our capacities in customer engagement, loyalty mechanics, and digital insights. Our flagship ‘CELS Platform’ saw its birth during this period.



    2019 culminated with a resounding resonance! Our strategic due diligence led to the acquisition of three luminaries in the lights & decor space, culminating in the inception of the industry-leading CELS Lights & Decor. This was also the year Doha pulsated to the beats of international artists like Katy Perry and Maroon 5, thanks to CELS Events.



    Undeterred by the uncertainties shadowed by COVID-19, 2020 saw CELS Group making a confident stride by establishing a footprint in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The same year marked the unveiling of our ambitious Katara Cultural Village project: AI Wasmi. This international garden festival mirrored global gardens, capturing the hearts of its visitors. Parallelly, CELS Group fortified its strength, acquiring a significant 50% stake in DPM, emphasizing interior design and architecture, with prominent branches in Milan and Dubai.



    2020 posed unprecedented challenges with the advent of the pandemic, especially for a company like ours, anchored in the spirit of fostering connections. Nonetheless, two years into this global turmoil, we undertook meticulous internal audits that transformed our structures, vision, and operational philosophy. A pivotal moment came in March 2021 when Mr. Ahmed Dessouki strategically secured a 10% stake in CELS Group Ltd. Guided by our legacy, the redefined board and stakeholders initiated pivotal decisions to safeguard our sustained growth trajectory.



    Accomplishing 87 projects spanning from the Middle East to Europe including the FIFA World Cup in Qatar enable us to achieve our 2022 goal of 30 million Euros. This success is attributed to the dedication of our skilled professionals, driven by our passion for our work.

    In the course of this year, CELS group announced its acquisition of 49% stake in ISRE (International Sourcing for Retail and Events). This strategic move enables CELS to intensify its collaborative efforts with ISRE, aiming to penetrate additional markets in line with its expansion strategy.