Making any space a living place for communities: this is what CELS Group is all about.

In this digital era, we bring human connections to any destination —
we make them Favourite Meeting Places.

We always start with WHY.

We understand each brand’s unique essence. We address their specific needs.  We realize their full potential.

CELS Group’s reliable business units and global network open a universe of new opportunities, guiding clients every step of the way. Our work explores culture, technology, entertainment and art to create lasting experiences. We build deep relationships that foster a sense of belonging.
In everything we do, we share a common vision:

We strive to build deep relationships that foster a sense of belonging, making any venue a real, living place – a place to love.


We BELIEVE in bringing people together, in the power of human connections, and in the role of emotions in behavior.

In order to connect people, we create unique experiences through arts, cultural events, food and engaging activations.

Making a PLACE into a DESTINATION through an experience. An environment where people feel like they are part of something.  We call it a Favourite Meeting Place. A place where people feel at home.


To build authentic relationships with visitors, a venue must convey true and positive values.

YOUR venue must become a ‘real place’ where…

  • Arts, culture, edutainment, entertainment and food offer strong emotions.
  • Surprise goes beyond expectations.
  • Events actively engage the community.

The space needs to become more of a social space for sharing experiences.

Visual spectacles with a unified purpose is what drives footfall at a destination.

Boost conversions, gain visibility, and engage customers with a bespoke servicescape.

Create an emotional experience at your destination that generates an emotional bond and incepts a meaningful memory in the minds of your customers.