C.E.L.S launches Doha Festival City’s SPEND & WIN campaign

CELS Platform & Doha Festival City Spend & Win Campaign recognised Internationally

Not only was CELS Platform awarded Best Digital Integrated Campaign at Golden Feather Awards 2021, it was also awarded as ‘Best Multichannel Integrated Campaign for Festival City Raffle Draw’ Awards at the 2021 World Marketing Congress Awards and eventually titled ‘Best Shopping Destination – Qatar 2021’ by Global Brands Magazine (GBM)

Customer Engagement Loyalty Solutions (CELS), in an exclusive partnership with Viafone Technologies, designed, produced and delivered a special F&B inspired digital raffle campaign to launch and incentivize footfall at the new food court at Doha Festival City.

The “Spend & Win” mechanic was the first digital raffle that Doha Festival City and Qatar National Tourism Council had seen, with CELS Platform building the foundation to inspire future tactical campaigns that will drive customer loyalty and engagement, by providing an integrated relationship system that nurtures customer relationships and allows them to test, analyse and redirect campaign success in real time.

Using the Bon Appetit Food Festival as a medium to engage, we helped identify consumer touchpoints by collaborating with stakeholders and merging shopping related interests and social experiences into a fulfilling shopping experience – creating meaningful and memorable moments, that kindle with likewise memorable and meaningful purchase experiences. 

The award submissions prepared and submitted by Basrec Doha Festival City shows the platform’s capability of multi digital channel reach and recognizes the success of digital era innovative campaigns in the Social Media & Digital Marketing Category.

The World Marketing Congress Awards are designed to recognize exceptional work done by the marketing community to take their brands into the digital era. Their awards recognize and reward leaders of the industry for their outstanding achievements and innovative approach to marketing.

Mechanics: https://www.dohafestivalcity.com/home/whats-on/events/BonAppetit

Doha Festival City Press Release: https://www.dohafestivalcity.com/home/whats-on/news/2021WorldMarketingCongressAwards

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