Our Business Units

CELS Group expresses a multidisciplinary approach through independent business units that work in a coherent way.

We believe that branding is key to successful customer loyalty

To communicate with your customer you need to create a successful engagement strategy.

We like to watch people. We help you define your brand based on the human reception, using intelligent, measurable profiling that engages the audience and builds your community relationships.

Your branding and media should convey why you are different.

CELS operates with an all-around approach leveraging every “Touch Point” with visitors — from logo design and visual identities to in-store campaigns and fidelity programs.


We understand the current situation in the market through our research strategies which include studying the consumers lifestyle and analysing your competitors.

We do not engage in short-term activities just to drive footfall, we understand that brands are not built overnight which is why we analyse our clients with a unique brand relationship scan.

Inspiring, exciting and impressive we capture audiences and bring them together.

CELS Events, part of CELS Group, is committed to imagining, building and performing breathtaking experiences. We want people to dream. From concept to delivery, our exceptional in-house team takes care of every detail of truly bespoke events.

Inspiring, exciting and impressive —This is how we capture the audiences and bring them together creating Favourite Meeting Places.

Thanks to our wide range of expertise, we understand our clients and their customers’ needs.


We stage and produce international shows, corporate events, gala dinners and fabricate exhibitions stands for our prestigious clients and pride ourselves in our quality and innovation. Our original formats challenge any expectations: they are always magic, and we always make them real.

We pursue people’s sense of wonder, bringing meaningful memories to any venue: a place to meet, a chance to learn, a keepsake of happiness.

Creating the Magic of Christmas!

First Christmas is one of World’s major supplier of festive decorations working successfully in the industry for over 24 years.

With more than 1,200 designed and created projects in the company portfolio.


We believe that creating customized Christmas decorations is a powerful tool for engaging communities in shopping malls, cities, and public spaces in fostering a sense of togetherness, delivering unique experiences, enhancing the atmosphere, defining brand identity, and offering economic advantages.

At First Christmas, we’re dedicated to turning these spaces into enchanting realms that celebrate the holiday season and strengthen community bonds. 

Designing lights that tell stories

Retail Emotions is an Italian / German firm based in the Gulf.

We specialise in creating original festive lighting, themed handcrafted decorations and multimedia settings. We’ve been in this business from 1999 in Europe, and from 2013 in the Gulf Region.

We are proud of our many experiences with shopping malls, hotels, leisure and culture hubs, as well as public venues. For each client we succeed in delivering fully tailored projects based on their needs and desires.


When it comes to inspiring your visitors, we believe there’s nothing more powerful than light. We know light is life: light is joy, wonder, and style.

Light is the way you express your brand and identity.

is our form
of Art

International Sourcing for Retail & Events (ISRE) is a global bespoke entertainment specialist providing unique and engaging entertainment solutions for events worldwide.

Through our comprehensive 360º approach that touches every aspect of your event, our team of international experts is ready to meet all your requirements from simple to the most complex details and event operations.

Our services include a variety of impressive and eye-catching entertainment solutions. From individual option for your event to bespoke entertainment turn-key solutions, we have it all.


When it comes to inspiring your visitors, we believe there’s nothing more powerful than light. We know light is life: light is joy, wonder, and style.

Light is the way you express your brand and identity.