CELS Group, ISRE join forces to strengthen market position in Europe and GCC region

CELS Group, a leading company, has announced its acquisition of 49% of ISRE (International Sourcing for Retail and Events). This move signifies CELS’ commitment to expanding its market presence and its strengthened partnership with ISRE, a company they have successfully collaborated with on various projects.

The success both companies have achieved in markets like Qatar, France, and Italy prompted them to undertake a due diligence process to solidify their partnership. This strategic collaboration between CELS Group and ISRE, a well-regarded boutique event planning and show creation company, is rooted in their shared values, ethics, and dedication to delivering extraordinary, creative, artistic, and remarkable events.

Alessandro Gaffuri, Founder and CEO of CELS Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the deepening collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to enhance our partnership with ISRE, taking it to new heights.”

Suman Adhikari, Director of ISRE, also emphasized that this partnership will “unleash new opportunities and broaden our global reach.”

Over the upcoming months, CELS Group and ISRE will work to integrate their businesses and enhance their joint activities, with a strong focus on establishing a competitive edge in the market.